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We’ve partnered with Independent Auto Dealer Associations across the country to bring NO HASSLE leads to IADA members.

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LEADS are customized to fit your needs!

At Interactive Financial Marketing we don’t rope you in to some long term commitment, we find the leads you want with no strings attached. That means no minimums and no term commitment.

  • Real In Market Customers
  • Data Validation using Experian, TransUnion, Polk and more
  • Leads Sent Real Time via Email
  • Free Lead Management Tool
  • Exclusive to You Only

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How our No Hassle tool works
to find leads in your area.

Just enter your location, and what kind of car buyers you are looking for — such as buyers with a minimum income of 3000 per month. Then we can give you the exact number of leads near your dealership, and the cost per lead. All upfront with no commitments.

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You’ve got nothing to lose and car sales to gain!

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We also include help with the most crucial part of your lead, managing and making the sale.

IFMG’s Internet Lead Management (ILM) tool, called DOLLAR Lite, does the hard job of managing leads for you. Dollar Lite helps your team keep track of sales activity and work a prospect from initial contact through close. DOLLAR has the ability to:

  • Manage a calendar
  • Send emails through the system

  • Submit deals to lenders and monitor all lead activity in your sales process
  • Pull credit

Low Prices

After we calculate how many leads are in your area, we come up with the lowest price per lead we can offer. You could pay $12 per lead and end up with a total gross profit of 13,000 in car sales! We have worked to make our leads cost effective for you and your dealership.

In-Market Leads

Our lead generation tools are effective at getting real in-market customers who are serious about purchasing a car. Each lead is delivered exclusively to your dealership. We validate our data using Experian, TransUnion, Polk and other industry leaders — so we can guarantee great leads and you can Sell More Cars. 


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