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FUELFollow Up Every Lead tm

IFMG’s automated email life cycle program that allows you to follow up every lead while you work, sleep or eat.

Work smarter not harder with automated email marketing!

IFMG understands what inspires each consumer to buy. Our emails are highly relevant and personalized to engage with leads and increase response rates. Consumers receive a personal message geared toward their specific buying tendency and the car segment that they are interested in.

Welcome Email (24hr)

3 Emails (24hr)

10 Emails (30 Days)

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Checklist



Appointments & Increased Sales

Our 90-day program aims for a full cycle of communication.

Starting with a welcome email that invites the consumer to set an appointment with you, we follow-up for 90 days with up to 24 different emails, or until a sales appointment is completed. Emails prompt consumers to:

  • Schedule an appointment online, with FUEL’s user calendar interface, or Call to set an appointment
  • Remember scheduled appointments
  • Complete a checklist of documents they need to bring to their appointments
  • Re-schedule missed appointments

Welcome emails, check-ins, and reminders will get consumers in the door of your dealership within 90 days after the lead enters your DOLLAR system.

“Recently, eight customers who ignored our phone calls came into our store because of the follow up program.
We sold four of them/ IFMG’s FUEL program has made following up with leads a breeze.”

-Bill Currie Ford, Tampa, FL.

Effortless Lead Management

Fully-integrated with the Dollar ILM. Thanks to FUEL’s seamless integration with our Dollar lead management system, we can alert you with the information needed in advance of the appointment.

Mobile Usage is Sky-Rocketing

90% of people check their email every day and 69% of them will delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile. Staying connected with consumers on mobile devices is crucial. FUELTM emails are crafted for optimal viewing on all devices, which means consumers get the full message you intended for them.


You don’t have to build a marketing program from scratch; automated communications are customized to your dealership. FUELTM works and looks like it came directly from your store.