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Missing calls because you’re too busy to answer? No time to check voicemail? Getting calls after hours?

With Phone Fuel calls never go unanswered. Phone FUEL captures every call!

Missed Calls Equal Missed

Opportunities to Sell More Cars!

We hear what you’re saying, “We always answer the phone,” but we’re willing to bet you are missing more calls than you realize.


How do we know? IFMG called 40 different dealerships from around the United States and left messages asking about different cars seen on their websites. Out of the 40 calls we made we received only 2 calls back!


IFMG created Phone Fuel to make sure you capture all of those missed opportunities.

Capture every single one of you calls! Phone FUELTM starts at only $49.99! 

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Phone FUEL™ seamlessly coverts calls to emails in five steps: 

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Capture Calls Anytime

Phone Fuel is working at all hours, 365 days a year, to capture all calls to your number.

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Professional Greeting

After 4 rings, the call seamlessly goes to a voice greeting that has been personalized for your dealership.

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Clear Message

Your personalized greeting prompts callers to speak their name, confirm their phone number and leave a message.

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We Get to Work

IFMG phone fuel takes the message from your caller and transforms the sound waves in text.

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Real Time Emails

IFMG takes that text, combined with your pre-set custom questions, and creates an email that gets sent to you in real time.

Capture every single one of you calls! Phone FUELTM starts at only $49.99! 

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Lower Your Cost Per Car Sold

We’re not asking you to spend one more penny on advertising. We can actually help you lower your cost per lead. If you are using an inventory listing service such as Autotrader or, you may not be maximizing your advertising budget. With Phone Fuel, we make sure you can capture information and leads with each and every call.  Sign up for Phone Fuel and turn missed opportunities into sales.

Seamless Integration with Dollar Lite

All call info is recorded in your lead management system, Dollar lite, in real time for FREE. You can refer back to a call at any time.