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Your customers want to text you!

Start communicating with customers the way they want with TextFuel.

Speak your customers’ language.

Text with them from your dealership number.

Selling cars requires communication with consumers. Luckily, we live in a time where most Americans walk around with a phone glued to their hand. This gives dealerships a great opportunity to instantly reach and engage with customers to sell cars faster than ever — because being mobile is convenient. And because at IFMG we can give you a higher consumer response rate by making it possible for you to directly text with your customers, using your dealership’s main LANDLINE.

Now Advertise “Call or text us about buying a car”. Use keywords in your Ads to send customers more information on specific vehicles and know what they’re interested in too. Our program is efficient, and manages all your messaging in one system. We make sure TEXTFUEL is fully compliant, so you can begin a conversation with your customers today risk free.

NO RISK FREE TRIAL! TextFUELTM starts at only $19.99! 

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Text Fuel reaches more customers via text with a 98% open rate. 

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Landline Texting

Customers can text your main dealership number.

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Happy Customers

Reach customers the way they want to communicate.

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SMS Marketing

Keyword based texting to identify what responses are needed.

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Easy Management

See all of your messages in one easy system.

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Risk Free Texting

Be COMPLIANT with features such as opt out, stop, and archive your texts!

NO RISK FREE TRIAL! Text FUELTM starts at only $19.99! 

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Did You Know…

It only takes the average person 90 seconds to respond to a text, but 90 minutes for an email? And you can forget getting a call back.

Seamless Integration with DOLLAR

All call info is recorded in your lead management system, DOLLAR, in real time for FREE. You can refer back to a call at any time.