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VOISYS will help your company capture more leads with our Interactive Voice Response system.

Make the Most of Your Leads 

VOISYS helps capture and command every call that your dealership receives when you’re not there to answer. IFMG’s original loan-by-phone voice system can help you drive up your call volume and completed leads. With the exclusive use of 1-800-CAR-LOAN or one of hundreds of custom vanity numbers, customers are 10x more likely to give you a call. VOISYS makes the most of these leads with several effective components. 

Always On Duty

Your advertising is working, and the phone is ringing off the hook! Every potential car buyer in your area knows to call YOU. But even when you go home, the calls keep coming, and you can’t miss out on these leads. VOISYS™ Loan-By-Phone™ custom IVR to the rescue — VOISYS™ can get the most out of your advertising budget by answering calls and taking applications 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Auto Finance Lead Pre-screening

We take advantage of every lead by asking callers a series of application questions to pre-screen them for your dealership. These applications can be customized and delivered directly to you.

24/7 Service

We work after hours so you don’t have to. Customers can call at their own convenience and we’ll be there to answer. We operate 24/7 and are fully bilingual.


Prospects are immediately connected to Voisy’s Loan-By-Phone and prompted to answer a series of questions that have been pre-determined by you.